Hitachi NT1865DBSL(HX) 18V Brushless 65mm C Series Finish Nailer

Hitachi NT1865DBSL(HX) 18V Brushless 65mm C Series Finish Nailer

  • $795.00

    • Unique Air Drive System - Compressed air is used to drive each nail increasing power, performance and driving speed
    • More nails driven per charge; approximately 2,650!
    • Lower running costs:
      - No Gas cells required. Purchasing nails without gas cells is approximately 50% cheaper
      - No regular cleaning of a combustion chamber is required significantly reducing the cost of servicing and down time
      - Fewer parts to manage results in easier maintenance
    • Dual function trigger for Sequential and contact mode with operation control panel
    • Dry-fire lockout mechanism prevents the nailer from being activated when there is a very low level of nails in the magazine
    • Integrated Hook for added convenience
    • Tool-less release for clearing jammed nails
    • Safer and more comfortable to use on any jobsite than Gas combustion models
    • Brushless motors are 30% more efficient than conventional models as no energy is wasted through brush friction thus extending battery run time
    • Rapid charger with cooling system and USB port achieves
    • Extreme high capacity 6.0Ah Li-ion batteries with multiple protection circuit provide long run time and protects the battery & tool from overload, over heat, over discharge & over charge

Driving System

Unique Air Drive

Nail Length

25mm to 65mm

Drive Speed

3nails/sec. (Intermittent)

Loading Capacity


Firing Mode

Full sequential/Contact (Selectable)

Battery Voltage


Fastening series

16 gauge C series finish nails

Dimension: H x L x W

315 x 310 x 104mm (with BSL1860 battery)


3.6kg (with BSL1860 battery)

Standard accessories

2 x BSL1860 batteries, UC18YSL3 rapid charger with cooling system and USB port, stackable carry case, hook, nose cap and safety glasses